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Hey guys!

Graphics, graphics resources...what's left? LJ layouts, that's right. I've started making some.

New comm, with currently only 3 layouts but I'll be making more in the future. And because I really have a lot of imagination when it comes to names, it's called lennie_layouts. Anyways so here are the previews for the first couple of layouts. If you're interested, go check out the comm. And if you wanna get updates, friend it!

See ya there :)

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[48] Roswell
(12 different pics, + lots of small variations (once again, variations are separate from the rest, since there's so many of them))

- Comment if you take, & credit willowtree84 if you use
- Don't hotlink, upload to your own server
- Don't alter/customize
- Enjoy :)

01 06 09

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