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This is the place where I (willowtree84) put all the graphics
(mainly icons, but also headers/wallpapers/fo banners) I make.

If you're an icon maker, please also visit lennie_graphics for my graphics resources! :)


- Black Sash
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel
- Degrassi: The Next Generation
- Lost
- One Tree Hill
- Roswell
- Smallville
- South of Nowhere
- Supernatural
- Veronica Mars
- Text-only icons

And also (but probably won't be adding any more of these):
- The O.C.
- Lost & Delirious
- The L Word


- Please comment & credit willowtree84 if you take any
- Don't hotlink, upload to your own server
- Don't alter/customize
- Enjoy :)

*I usually don't reply to comments, unless there is a question or something I feel the need to reply to.
1. I prefer when the comment number is accurate, so I can see how many people like what I share.
2. Ways to say "Thanks! Enjoy :)" are kinda limited.
3. I, personally, hate receiving an e-mail notification saying just "Glad you like". I'm on dial-up, so it's frustrating. So I don't do it for other people.
Sorry if it bothers you.


Requests are accepted, just add a comment to this entry.


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